Three-step Kitchen

Sometimes you just want status quo.  Sometimes you need change.   You hope for a little change.  What do you do when EVERYTHING changes?

Everything changed last Wednesday when my husband and I left for Dubai, UAE.  We packed up our belongings, into 5 suitcases, and my husbands bike in a box.  In hindsight, and $400 less in our pockets, there are things we could have bought here instead of bringing, oh well.

Our tiny hotel/apartment will serve as home until we get our residency visa.  Boxes and suitcases line the walls.  The tiny three-step kitchen will work for simple meals.  Three-steps from sink to refrigerator,  with the stove top in between!  Very efficient!

After scouring the MOE (Mall of the Emirates) for a crockpot we came home empty handed.  We actually did find one, but, at $200, we chose to keep looking.  The three-step kitchen only has a tiny microwave/convection oven, and no baking dishes.  I guess I will have to get creative.

Rain is not something you expect here in Dubai.   It rained.  Rained long enough to form a puddle in the parking lot on the way to the Park and Shop.  I found said puddle.  The ice cream will help.  Real Ben and Jerry’s, and not much more expensive than the US.  Score!

Arriving on Thursday morning, we were greeted by friends, Tim and Becky.  An awesome surprise!  Communication back and forth about the size of the bike box, left me thinking they would opt out.  Not so!!  An awesome gift to be greeted by smiling familiar faces in a strange land!   Even if the trip was a bit on the tight side!!

Reclining under the bike box...good thing is was a short trip!

Reclining under the bike box…good thing is was a short trip!

We know Tim and Becky through the church we will be a part of.  An awesome collection of people from the nations of the world, gathering to worship Jesus!  We were invited up front with others who were joining, welcomed, invited to the Life Group leader training on Saturday morning.  Needless to say we feel very welcomed and included on our very first Friday.  Friday, you say?   Yes we meet on Friday, the Holy day.  Our weekend being Friday and Saturday.  Not sure we will get used to Sunday being a workday.

I will have my first day on my own tomorrow…going for a run, then workout in the gym.  Might take the Metro to the Marina area and have a look around.  Thankfully our hotel/apartment is steps (more than three) from the station.

Lastly, you may have notice a new title to the blog.  Since we are changing everything, I figured the blog needed some change too.   The title, “A New Spring” is the result of hearing a speaker talk about how our lives go through seasons, plural…not just one set of seasons, but often times cycling through the seasons a few times in our lives.  The concept of a new spring, new beginnings, change, starting over, seems appropriate for my husband and I at this moment.

You will still access via as I own that domain for the next two years.

I will be blogging about life in Dubai, sewing, running, maybe some cycling.  Hope you join me in this adventure.

I am having issues with downloading photos…won’t read them????  I hope to sort it out so you can see where we are!!!!



3 responses to “Three-step Kitchen

  1. I love the “new spring” blog name, and am so excited to read of your adventures and how God works in your lives and reveals himself to you in new ways! Xoxoxo

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