Setting the Stage

A year ago Dubai was a word that crossed the dinner table.  A far-away idea.   A tiny opening in the new stage production that is our lives.   A year later, Dubai is more than a passing dinner conversation.  It is my new home.  Auditions done, we got the part. The curtain is wide open.  The play has begun.

Rehearsal?  Wait.  We are not ready for curtain time…is this improvisation. Awkward.  Where is the script? Where is the director?

The director sits calmly in his directors chair.  Feeding the lines as the play progresses.  Need to watch carefully.  Don’t miss a line.  It is all there.  His directing is practiced.  Confident.  He knows the play.  Turning improv into practiced script.

Opening scene:  This is a strange place.

Brown dominates, with pockets of green, dusty green.  Forests of space age, glass structures of all shapes and twists.   Makes you feel you should be in some kind of hover craft speeding through the air, darting among the buildings, as if in some sci-fi film.

Where is my space ship...

Where is my space ship…

Surprises of lovely green trees, water, birds, calm.

"The Lake"

“The Lake”


My walking place

My walking place


Flowers in February!!!

Flowers in February!!!


Cranes, they are every where.  A dozen or more, I see from my window.  Men clad in blue or green swarm the unfinished buildings like a gathering of lady bugs in the ceiling corner.  Men suspended in little boxes clean the skyscraper windows, that are thick with the dust of the desert.  The noise of the construction, non-stop from sunrise to sunset.  My 15th floor view, watching the matchbox cars speed along the black ribbon, the tiny people scurry to their destination.  The Friday Cricket match in the empty lot across the street, goes on all day.  The workers only day off.

Little white box, contains men cleaning windows...

Little white box, contains men cleaning windows…


For perspective, see the little white box...

For perspective, see the little white box…The bottom of picture 7 stories up.


Black shrouded women, white clad men.  Hot pink Rolls Royce.  Cars so low and fast, yellow, red, orange whizz past, making you feel as though standing still.  Macho trucks, with macho drivers… Impatient drivers, honking the very second the light changes.

Bumper sticker : I Love my truck!

Bumper sticker : I Love my truck!

The Malls.  Malls so huge, even the map does not help.  Designers I have never heard of.  Fountains and light/music shows that make me tear up and get goosebumps.  Huge designer bags slung from black shrouded shoulders, sneakers peeking out from long black abaya.  Young girls primping before covering as they leave the ladies room.  Faces of all colors, people of all nations, shopping.

The MOE aka Mall of the Emirates.  The smaller one.

The MOE aka Mall of the Emirates. The smaller one.

There is the familiar, a Nissan Altima, driving on the “right” side of the road.  Blue jeans, Toms, flip-flops.   McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, KFC. It is a little embarrassing that this is what represents the US.

Still adjusting to the newness of a foreign country.  Facing new fears daily, finding new joys daily.  Remembering that the Lord IS faithful, yesterday, today and tomorrow!








Have a blessed day!



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