Beach walk and flowers

Sitting here, trying to think of something to write.  Settling progress is being made.  I think.  Company formation is done!  Yeah!!!!  Visa applied for, waiting for permit to enter…. one step done just reveals 10 more steps before you can actually do anything.  Waiting is not one of my virtues.

A few weeks ago we went for a morning walk and then out to breakfast.    The city of Dubai is building a walking/running/cycling path all along the beach.  Will be amazing when it is finished.  Right now many beaches are construction zones.    This one is almost to the Creek, just before the industrial part.  We walked out to where you could look back at the city skyline.

Out on the jetty, looking back.

Out on the jetty, looking back.





nice beach!

nice beach!


This time of year many people get up before the sun and head to the beach, picnic breakfast and swimming.  By 10:00AM it is just too hot so you head home.  This is what the beach looks like at 6:15 AM




Note all the people in the water!

Where I walk in the morning is around a “lake”   I wrote about it before here.  Summer is when the flowers really come out.  Here are a few from my morning walks.  Sorry these are not the best pictures.


This is the Flame of the Forest tree, they are everywhere.

This is the Flame of the Forest tree, they are everywhere.


These smell amazing!!


I think this is called desert rose, not sure.


There are orange ones of these as well.

IMG_3335 IMG_3329

The mornings are getting hotter!  Getting up before the sun comes up is helpful, or walking in the evening.  I have resigned myself to being in a sweaty state most of the time.

Hope to share the “Where we are living” post I am looking so forward to writing!!

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”  Romans 8:25



5 responses to “Beach walk and flowers

  1. Lovely shots! The skyline ones are really nice. Very funny bc I have a ‘flowers that remind me of Dubai’ post in draft that includes several of the ones you featured! 😊

  2. Missing the UAE… Are y’all moving?? Need to read previous posts!
    I did my walking at the Abu Dhabi mall, I bet the Dubai mall would be even better xo

    • Sandi, Maybe you should stop through Dubai on the way home from China!! We looked at an apartment today. Hopefully soon, it has been a long time in a tiny one bed hotel apartment. Still walking outside, early in the AM.

      • Oh insure wish I was flying that direction, I would definitely pop in! You have been in that aparthotel for a long time! Hoping you fins something soon!
        Have you made it out to Al Ain? My friend Lucy is part of a bike club there and they do some lovely riding AND Jebel Hafeet is a wonderful place to visit.

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