Getting My Craft On

Moving countries, starting from scratch is like getting married all over again…walking around the home store, or IKEA, I want that, and that oh and one of those…so fun!!!  In our New Hampshire home my colors were golds and green and orange, dark reds.  Very warm colors.  Here in the desert I wanted brighter colors, the desert can be a very monochromatic place…shades of brown…

Our apartment is bright with floor to ceiling windows in each room, light colored walls.  We were given some chairs from IKEA, the bucket kind, the sofa we bought at IKEA.  Did I mention IKEA and I are dating…don’t tell my husband, he thinks its just a store.  I must say to his credit he has walked the maze several times.  He claims the projected arrows on the floor are changed, sending you back into the store to wander…kind of like the Israelites in the wilderness, only I don’t complain.

This is my color inspiration for the room.

Crate and Barel

Crate and Barrel

The pillow came from Crate and Barrel.  On sale!!  furniture is all beige, so colors are navy with splashes of orange and lime.

This is in living room in process.

Living room so far

Living room so far

Everything you see came from IKEA, see I told you we had a thing.  Except for the orange pillow.  I love Crate and Barrel but they are a little high maintenance  for a serious on-going relationship.

The bucket chairs looked a bit bare.  They are a smaller version of what is in the store now and the slip covers are too big.  They needed a bit of color.  So I got my craft on!  I scoured Pintrest for ideas.  I scoured stores too, not much selection in my colors.  So I got my craft on!!!

One of the inspirations but wrong colors:

Inspiration, wrong colors

Inspiration, wrong colors

I had some navy blue linen that I wanted to use and some pricey felt squares.  These are my creations.


This one in hindsight needs leaves on the stems, maybe later…


The middle flower on the left was an experiment to see if using yarn worked for pattern…Yep it does!!


I redesigned this as I went.

IMG_4225 IMG_4227

The white lines is yarn with a zig-zag stitch over.  The stitch above is a specialty stitch on my machine.  I had fun just cutting shapes and laying things out then stitching.  Playing that turned into fun little pillows!

I head out to the USA tomorrow morning.  I will miss my new home!  But I am very excited about seeing my kids and grandkids and friends.  AND green trees and cooler temperatures!!!!

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

Sunset over the Marina

Sunset over the Marina, I will miss my view



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